topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Plein Air 31

I am so glad it is September. PRT was wonderfully uneventful this year, I am very glad about that. Now i can look forward to the weather changing and the days getting shorter.

School starts this Wednesday. I am really nervous. The school is not great at communicating, and i finally got the registration confirmation with this schedule... making me wish more than ever that I had other schooling options.

Scary. This from a SCHOOL.

Today I went with my friend to Central Park. It was a lovely day. Everyone is out of the city on account of Labor Day. I did one little painting. I have painted often enough in Central Park now that when I walk around I recognize my previous painting spots! I fondly passed by three of them today.

6x8 oil on panel, half hour


  1. Oh, the shadows on the ground are swesome! You guys are starting school 2 weeks later than we did down here. My grandson, Donovan, is also in Kindergarten!!! They had them start just one day on the week prior to full days, where there were only 6 kids with him that day (it was a Thursday) they could show them around school in a quieter, more relaxed way, then they all started on the following Monday. He has 22 kids in his class now.

    Sure hope Daya will love her teacher and have all nice kids in her class!!!

  2. Hugs for the school situation and wishing for the best!

    The plein air is showing the benefits of your practice, lovely color and brushwork. I love the light on the trunk.


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