topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, August 23, 2010

Willow 1 (PRT)

Here is another practice painting.
I like it and don't like it all at the same time.

The original image is one I took of a willow tree in Brooklyn. I am thinking I might do a little series on this image just to play around and see what happens.

8x10 oil on panel, hour and a half, split comp palette yellow green, red, and violet.

While I was painting this I listened to a Wayne Dyer lecture on living an inspired life. My subscription to the Hay House Radio archives auto-renewed, and as a free gift I got the 6 CD set in the mail... unexpected. What a nice surprise. (And I do love Wayne Dyer)

Towards the end of the 6th CD he spoke about prayer and specifically St Francis. The "Make me an instrument of thy peace" prayer. For the first time I really get how that prayer works... it has to do with aligning yourself in remembrance to Source and attracting that source energy because God can only be what God is and God is not lack. Wayne said it better than I am writing it, but I really got it. "Peace" can be substituted with anything. Anyhow while I was painting something really clicked and I had a wonderful moment of clarity. I even had to stop painting for a moment because I had such an energy surge.

It is something i will always remember and associate with this particular painting.

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  1. Another beautiful tree! I am happy your had such a breakthrough sort of spiritual moment, Jessica! It is always kind of a surprise when something like that happens!


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