topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Plein Air #29, 30, Vasari, Purple, & an Oily Girl (PRT)

My friend from WetCanvas, Nancy Park came to visit NYC for the first time with her granddaughter. Nancy is one of the Oily Girls- we are a group of oil painters who chat with each other a lot. Over time we have become online friends and did a painting exchange a few months ago.

Lucky me, I got to meet Nancy in person! We went to the Guggenheim.

We went to the Vasari store and adopted some expensive paint. It is very important to give homeless tubes of Vasari paint a good paint-friendly home.

And we painted. Nancy's painting looks fine but mine both look better in the dark.

#29 6x8 oil on panel, Zorn palette, Battery Park
My foliage needs desperate help.

This one I did the next day while Nancy was at the King Tut exhibit.

#30 6x8 oil on panel- pthalo turquoise, rose madder, cadmium orange, Central Park
My weeds need desperate help.

This painting did not come out very well but I had one of those epiphanies that should have been obvious from the beginning... I know I need to work on my composition, and I need to DRAW more when I am painting outdoors. DUH. Why it took me 30 paintings to figure that one out I'll never know. I was trying to figure out my difference in approach between plein air and still life. Drawing. Important. Obvious. Basics.

Then I took Nancy's lovely granddaughter to the West Village to go shopping. There were some lovely scarves on sale at one of the Tibetan shops, and i have been wanting a new altar cloth for a long time. Purple is pretty.


  1. I am so happy for all the fun memories you have from Nancy's visit...and the plein air! I especially like the zorn pallet, but the close up is very nice as well!!

  2. Pretty, pretty and pretty! Pretty you, pretty paintings, and pretty new scarf for alter! Your visit with your friend and her G-daughter looked fun and productive! How cool.

  3. Wow, Jess Hi,' lovely to see you and Nancy together like that, im slack in not posting lately on WC but you are all on my mind as ever......BEAUTIFUL WORK on your paintings you had fun and it shows in them.....xx

  4. Jessica, how fun! I am really looking forward to seeing what those rescued tubes of paint come up with. And I definitely approve of the purple.


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