topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plein Air 21 & 22

I have been looking forward to going out painting in the rose garden since last November, and today i went! Probably I should have gone last week, there were roses out but they were definitely past their peak.

Here is the first painting, I didn't quite capture the "look" I was going after, but it was still fun. :)

6x8 oil on panel

Then I found a really cool tree and decided to paint it. It is nice to stand barefoot in thick grass and paint. As I was setting up my tripod, a storm approached but luckily I brought my umbrella. I figured I would be painting longer than the rain would last, and I was right! It is a good thing i use oil paint and not anything water-based!

8x10 oil on panel

I am going back tomorrow.


  1. I really like your paintings. The rose is great. The tree reminds me of when I was young and I thought those big holes in trees were made by wood spirits.

  2. Hi Jessica, you barefoot painter, you!!! :)

    This rose painting is just fabulous! The tree is ultra awesome too! Nice to see you out in the air doing your plein air painting still.

    Hi to Daya too!!!

  3. Jessica, Yay for your plein air days! Your art is wonderful, but remember that it is as much the experience of creating the art that is a treasure as the art is itself.

  4. Jess, you marvel me Chica, you push yourself and I admire that, when you have such a busy life, beautiful paintings, that tree is a stunner, your best sofar imo, although I loved that one you did with the snow too...

  5. gasp, that first one is awesome sauce! love ya sweetness. xxx


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