topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Yesterday I had a bad headache all day, but went out painting in Central Park anyhow.
Here are the highlights:

Paintings done: 2
Hours the weather was perfect: 24
Kids peeing on the tree I stood under: 1
Hott guys who came over to watch: 1
People who asked "Is that acrylic?": 3
People who tried to touch the painting: 1

9x12 oil on panel

I took a break between paintings and went to the Met. If you go in the downstairs entrance, they will not let you put a camera tripod in the coat check. It is considered a "sensitive" item.

The guards in the main entrance upstairs agreed that was a little wacky.

I am not happy with my plein air painting, but I can't pinpoint why not. It might be an issue of style. It isn't magical, and I want it to be magical. So I am reading a few good books, and practicing as much as I can and looking at different artists' work. I would dearly love to take a workshop but don't know if I can manage that with time - it is a lot to ask my friend to watch my daughter for multiple days at a time, and I will most probably be going to London again this year for work. So I'll just do the best I can with what i have.

The park was so pretty.

Because it is Spring, and coloring eggs is fun, Daya and I made Easter bread. :)

I just realized i forgot to post these from last week!
Poor neglected blog...

6x8 oil on panel

These three were painted with the Zorn palette- cadmium red light, yellow ochre, French ultramarine, ivory black, titanium white

I did this purple tree while Daya ran around in the grass. She likes it so I gave it to her. :)


  1. I like the magnolia. Very well done. The photos of the gnarled trees are very interesting. No wonder Daya liked the purple tree. She has a good eye. Your easter bread looks too good to eat. Happy Easter.

  2. That Easter bread looks wonderful! What a great Mom you are!!!

    My fav painting is the 4th from teh bottom...the titanium white just glows!!!

  3. My creative friend! Thank you for these beautiful reminders of the city and of Central Park!! Always inspiring me to keep making things. Kiss Daya for me. Amelia wants her to come down and play in the sprinklers with her.

  4. wow easter bread, what fun. love your cityscapes, they rock! and as for cameras in galleries, that didn't seem to bother us last year in the national gallery, did it??? cough cough ummmm who us? never!
    happy happy belated easter to you and miss pudding face.

  5. Jess, you have been doing some really wonderful artwork of late, be proud of yourself chica!! and those photos and great I get to see what the big apple is like through your eyes!!

    and that Gregory Peck thing girl, was the cutest!!


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