topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, April 10, 2010


My friend commissioned this painting for her daughter's birthday. She wanted to give a gift with special meaning rather than the typical stuff.

oil on panel

I need to have April Art goals- here they are:
1) finish the grisaille for Twilight
2)study up on plein air painting and practice! I just got my copy of Edgar Payne's "Composition of Outdoor Painting", which is like the plein air bible. And I also got a sketchbook to keep a plein air journal- something I wish i did from the start. I wish I had noted down the palettes I used for different paintings- some I remember some i do not. But I put everything in to date, and will keep more detailed records going forward.
3) start that wedding painting that needs to be done before Memorial day


  1. Hey Jess, Great looking portrait my girl, and good luck with you goals this month, I myself never do that as I would then never get any of it done!! lol... great talking to you oily chic!!

  2. What a sweet doggie. It is a beautiful painting. Who ever gets this has a treasure. You have been mighty busy with your record keeping. Good job. I wish I was so organized.

  3. Jessica, I love this puppy portrait, it is sweet and very well done. I am certain art will fill your day, goals or not.


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