topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 01, 2010

Wake Up and Smell the....

When Daya wakes up before me now, she quietly plays in her room until I get up.

Except on Saturday morning, she came and woke me up to tell me something in her room smelled really bad, like garbage.

You can't go back to sleep after your child says something like that, so of course I got up to investigate. I smelled nothing, so went back to bed.

later that morning:
Daya; Mommy, my room smelled really bad like garbage.
Me; Does it still smell bad?
Daya: No...
Me: Did you fart?
Daya: (thinking) Oh, yeah...
Me; Do you think that's what smelled bad?
Daya; (the lightbulb visibly goes off in her mind) Oh, YEAH!!


  1. *Laughing*
    "Oh Ow!"

    Kids just kill me!
    Thank you for the best Laugh I have had all day!

    Many Funny Blessings to you too!
    Ma Fey
    "Oh Ow!"

  2. Too funny. It reminds me of when my dog farts out loud and turns to look to see who did it. Ha..

  3. Now, Lisa talking about her dog farting made me think of how Doozey will get up and wrap herself around my neck and then let these SBD's (silent but deadly's) right in my face!!! LOL.

    Daya is so cute!!! So innocent.

  4. Kids = farts, they do seem to go hand in hand, this is very funny, i can rememder being like this as a kid myself and laughing my head of at this.... thanks for sharing Jess.....


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