topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magic Shoes

Another little 6x8 oil painting! :)

I do not believe I properly introduced my brand new Belly River pochade box by Alla Prima Pochade.

It arrived last week. I LOVE it! Of course I will always love my beautiful 9x12 box too. But this one is tiny enough to take anywhere!

And...isn't this just CUTE?? I got a little clippy book light. It's like my little pet paint box... :)


  1. Bloody brilliant Jess, im sure you'll put it to good use your a wonderful painter and very sweet person.....thanks for sharing!!!


  2. I am sure this little box holds tons of inspiration. What fun it will be.

    Have you ever looked at this blog?

    He does small paintings every day. I love to see his videos. He uses oils. I thought you might be interested.

  3. love the shoes love the box, love you for ringing me. i was asleep, love ya and we will catch up real soon. xx


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