topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cactus Monday (#61)

Senita and NellY went walking in London
But as they crossed The Strand
They looked RIGHT instead of left...
And that is how they became...


Next week: Don't miss how Senita and NellY reincarnate!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Really Quick b/c I'm Tired

Am up too late. Must sleep. Have actually been workking. Hard. Can you imagine. Have to do it again tomorrow.

Have also discovered the hard way that the fridge in my hotel room is not actually cold. Not at all. Shouldn't even be called a fridge. Am too tired to bother checking to see if it's plugged in or not. The milk's already gone bad so it's not worth checking.

The cereal is ok though.

Am still loving every second of London. The Jack the Ripper tour was fabuloso.

I am going to see Soulbrush tomorrow. Can't wait.

Monday, April 20, 2009


It is a rare thing in life to find someone who is such a kindred spirit that they immediately take up permanent residence in your heart. And Soulbrush is a rare lady indeed. For one thing she has pink hair. For another, she's crazy. Which is why I am very proud to present this special, unique, and extremely prestigious award:

(showing off my mad Photoshop skillz hee hee)

We spent 9 hours together and talked the entire time. And we're not done talking so she's invited me over to dinner Thursday night. And you know what that means: I GET TO MEET SNUFFLES! (and hopefully Maggie but not guaranteed)

This morning we met at Trafalgar Square and talked for a while. Then we went to the National Gallery for a few minutes so I can say I've been there. Unlike New York, you cannot take any pictures whatsoever AT ALL even without a flash NO EXCEPTIONS.

Here is the pic I took when the guard wasn't looking:

We left very quickly afterwards.

Then we went walking down...well I forgot what street but we went to a little tourist shop and bought....

...matching condoms!

Aren't these hilarious?

Here's what we did next:

I pet the horse and the sign was wrong: he did not bite me.

We went on a boat down the Thames. It was beautiful.

We walked across London Bridge.

Then we went to this supercool pub that had actual gravestones in the garden.

WE SAW A GHOST behind the resident garden gargoyle. Check this out: what do you think?

Then we went for a beautiful and proper Afternoon Tea. Which turned out to be a British/South African Afternoon Tea, because Soulbrush and I both had tea from South Arica with British scones and meringues. It was pure heaven.

Speaking of South Africa, that country won't leave me alone. I keep meeting things/people South African. Soulbrush herself is South African. I found a South African place here:

And I'm staying right across the road from here:

The cool thing about not having to pay for this trip is I can do more shopping!!!!! Daya made out exceptionally well today. I will have to get very creative when packing my suitcase. Soul, THANK YOU for the beautiful gifts you bought for Daya. And my funky tea cozy.

Here are some night photos:

Soul, THANK YOU for such an amazing and FUN day!!! Can't wait to see you Thursday!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some London Observations

I have been awake for 35 hours. I relaxed on the plane but didn't really fall asleep even though that was the best and most comfy flight EVER. After I got off the plane, I kept hearing over and over like a mantra, Monty Python singing "I'm so worried about the baggage retrieval system they've got at Heathrow!"

Fortunately the baggage system worked out just fine for me. But I genuinely appreciated Monty Python's concern.

I feel very comfortable in London. Maybe it's because I'm so accustomed to being in a city already- I love to walk and I'm comfy on subways. Also, I can read a map. Which makes exploring fun.

Here's what I like about London:
*All the street crossings tell you to look left or right, depending on what direction cars will come from.
*The Tube signs don't say Exit- they say "Way Out". I like that. There is something friendly and encouraging about it. How many times throughout life do we say to ourselves, "Oh, I need a way out of this situation, a way out of debt, a way out of this horrid relationship etc"...well, in the Tube there is a Way Out. And it's clearly labeled. (Also, I like to add a silent "there" at the end, which makes me feel like I'm "way out there".)
*Accents. EVERYONE here has a cool accent. Americans do NOT have cool accents.
*Manners. People say please and thanks and sorry. And they call you "my dear" and "my love". There is something very human about it. Take for example when I bought my Oyster card (for the Tube (subway)). The guy in the ticket booth was super nice. In NYC, they just kind of yell at you. Or don't say anything at all.
*London is neither as crowded nor as frantic as NYC. I like that.
*The black taxis. So I took this black taxi from Paddington Station to my hotel. At the end of the trip I told the cabbie that these London cabs are really much better than cabs in NYC. His response: "We're the best in the world! It took me three years to learn how to do my job." This dude was very, very proud of his job. Soulbrush (who I am meeting tomorrow YAY) told me they actually have to write exams to drive those taxis.

What I do not like about London:
*Places close. 8pm and everything is shutting down and going quiet except for some pubs.
*The electrical outlets. They are UGLY.
*The street signs are not on sign posts at the street corners. They are (sometimes) posted high up on buildings. So it can be challenging to tell what street you are on. I keep looking automatically at the corners. NYC is good like that; you always know what street you are on.

So far I have managed to not get into any trouble. And of course I did end up in the local witchy shop. Of course. :)

I bought a dress for Daya. This photo does no justice to the color- it GLOWS. I *had* to get it. It has petticoats and tulle, was made in Nottingham and is beautiful.

Say what you will about pomp and ritual and Buckingham Palace- this dude has the most BORING job ever. Just because it's world famous doesn't make it fun.

Also, I haven't seen an iPood t-shirt in NYC yet, which is kind of amazing. It's the kind of thing you'd think would definitely be there. Maybe it is there and I just missed it. But I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it.

Am going to sleep now. Nite!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have Made a Very Important Decision

This is what I decided: I am going to get rich.

Right now I am in the British Airways lounge at JFK. Because work is paying for me to go business class. It's NICE in here. There's free food and drink, reallly nice bathrooms with lavender soap, internet, comfy chairs, shiny hardwood floors, a fountain, and now I'm travel-spoiled forever. And ever.

The only thing missing is a little air conditioning.

So now I have to get rich so I can travel like this all the time.

My flight leaves in a little over an hour. Am melting with excitement.

Leaving Today!!

Yay I leave tonight for London! I am meeting up with the fabulous SOULBRUSH tomorrow afternoon!

Monday I took as a vacation day, and then it's work work work for the rest of the week. But Tues night my manager organized for everyone to go on the Jack the Ripper walking tour, which sounds very fun.

London is an OLD city!!! I mean seriously OLD. Here in the US we think old is over 100 years. We don't have old places like they do over in Europe.

I like old places.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How I Was Saved from Being a Porn Star

I needed some new luggage for my upcoming trip to London. My friend's daughter (we'll call her D) has been visiting from South Africa for the past couple of weeks, and we went shopping.

D knows a thing or two about international travel, so I enlisted her help in finding a decent suitcase. Her strongest advice was not to get black (bummer) and get something that is easy to spot at a distance.

I saw this one and went straight over to it:

Sure it's tacky but it's easy to spot, right? AND it matches my bathroom (which is NOT tacky, I assure you).

But then D said I'd look like a porn star with that suitcase, so of course I could never look at it the same way again, much less get it. I got a very nice dark grey luggage set instead.

And that, my friends, is how I got saved from being a porn star.

D is a hairdresser by profession, and a very good one. She did Daya's hair. Isn't this amazing? I know what iron and heat protector to get, so now and then I'll also iron Daya's hair. I love it and so does she. The best part: Daya says she looks like me, and she loves it. That alone is worth the (expensive!) price of the iron.

Cat Update:
This is why cats don't like to get wet: they know how awful they look.

Friday, April 03, 2009


1. London: I am not there yet. I'm going from the 18th to the 24th. Booked the flight today. Since I am taking the red-eye flight Saturday night, I get to go business class! YEAH! The best part of the trip will, of course, be meeting SOULBRUSH. I don't mean to brag or anything, but meeting Soulbrush is worthy of jealousy.

2. Daya still loves school and is doing very well.

3. I have decided to start the Abs Diet! Am very excited. Now, I don't really need to lose weight as I'm still a size 4 but I'd like to tone a little and get into a healthier dietary lifestyle. I have never ever offcially dieted before. And probably I should eat more meals- I do tend to skip a lot, which is bad.

4. Art, or lack thereof: *sigh*

5. Daya had her first emergency (sort-of) medical experience. She stuck a green plastic heart shaped bead up her nose. One of the ladies at the school saw it when Daya was laying on her back. It was the kind of thing you would never see unless you were at exactly the right angle with light. We think the bead was from another girl's jewelry or hair ornament. I have no idea how long it was up there. She's fine and sufficiently traumatized to know never to stick anything in her nose or ears.

6. Latest unpleasant thing I've had to do: bathe my cat. She was really stinky. The stench has not returned, so we are both relieved.

7. You know the saying there's nothing new under the sun? I might have possibly challenged that. I cut my finger on spaghetti sauce. Not on the jar, on the actual sauce. I was reheating leftovers and some sauce had dried on the rim of the jar. But it's still a little embarassing to cut your finger on spaghetti sauce.

I sincerely hope you are well, and I apologize for not checking anyone's blog recently. Usually I do that at work, but I've been swamped. Imagine, having to work at work. Boo.