topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lady M Grisaille

This is from the August project over in the oils forum at Wet Canvas. When I started I chose to do a grisaille (tonal underpainting) and glaze the color over.

The underpainting took more than 30 hours and I am sick of looking at it. All that work and she looks strung out on too much absinthe. Hopefully when I start the color layers I'll get my interest back and it won't be the awful greueling work it turned into.

By the way you can blame Lady M for my lack of participation in Cactus Monday.

Lady Maxwell (after William Bouguereau)
Oil on panel


  1. She is just gorgeous! I can't believe how you can do all those folds and folds and folds!!! Amazing!!!
    Happy Cactus Monday, girlfriend!!!

  2. lordy lordy ms claudie, i do declare she is just too lovely for words. and hugs to daya and you dahlink!

  3. She's beautiful! Goodness there's a lot of detail there....can't wait to see the colour glazes.


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