topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, July 13, 2009

July Updates

I cant believe I haven't posted since May! Ok, I can believe it; I get like that sometimes.

Thanks to all of you who emailed me. Everything is fine. I have been really busy at work. And instead of being online I've been reading and painting! I have 2 paintings going on right now. One I'm not too happy with and need to change a few things. I'll post it when I'm happy with it. The other is large (30 x 30 in, 76 x 76 cm) and I expect the grisaille underpainting may take me a few months to complete. But it will be so worth it. The smell of linseed oil is marvellous and painting makes me very happy. Oil paint makes me especially happy. I don't know how anyone can live without it. :)

The new cat is going back to Connecticut this weekend. Having 2 cats is just not working. She's as sweet as can be, and she's come out of her shell but Sigynn is not. happy. at. all.

She's so unhappy that she pees right outside the litter box about every other day or so. Also, they fight. In the middle of the night. Because Daya doesn't want the cat in her room while she falls asleep. So I either have Daya waking me up to move Dizzy out of her room, or I have cats fighting in the middle of the night, or I wake up to the fragrant smell of cat pee.

All of these things are interfering with my sleep. So kitty must go. I will never ever try and put another cat with Sigynn. Which I knew before; I should really just listen to myself when I know I'm right.

I do hope you are well. I'll resume Cactus Monday at some point, and I'll catch up on all of your lovely blogs as well.

Oh, also, Pigeon Risk is coming up and the August crap is already starting. Again with the transit. Did you know that the subway fare went up to $2.25? Well, it did. And I didn't change my pre-tax commuter benefit for the month of August, so once again, I'll be paying double transit in August. It will even out in October when I skip a paycheck deduction but...really...something like this seems to happen every August. Good thing I have Pigeon Risk in place. I'll also be travelling next month to see family, so I might need double Pigeon Risk vibes.

You are all welcome to join me for Pigeon Risk Time (PRT).


  1. So good to see you back here. I can see it was a nice sabatical with two paintings being worked on.

    Sounds like you are resolving the 'too many cats' situation for the better.

    Don't be gone so long next time. We miss you.


  2. Hi girl! Nice to see you still alive!!! I guess that cat has given you a run for your money!

    I am all for PRT...I hate August also...just due to the frickin heat!

    Keep painting with your oils and I will be happy when you post your finished products! I must go smell for Linseed Oil and see what it does for me!!! LOL!

    Hi to Daya...hope she is enjoying summer!

  3. hey you, thought you'd dropped off the edge of the earth! think that is a wise move with the cats...and glad to see you painting -something...the rest i don't understand....oh well, that's not unusual for me! hugs to you sweetie pie and to daya too. love ya.

  4. hey YOU! :)

    too bad the situation with the cats didn't work out though you were a little dubious when your first brought the new cat home. i hope they manage to find a good home for her.

    YAY on getting some painting done. Can't wait to see the results.

    RATS on the subway fare going up. I felt the same way when they put our road tolls up recently. Not happy!

  5. I relate to the smell of linseed oil. I started a painting, just so I could get the good smells going through my new art room the other messyfish just goes nuts over cats...pity we cant take that lovely new cat, that is going back. Oh well, at least you are making the right decision by the sounds of it!


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