topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cactus Monday: Train Edition

This past weekend was Ratfest. I thought of you, Cactuteers, on the train home. So I made this Cactus-tree on the train with my awesome travel watercolor set.

Watercolor 4 x 6


Speaking of Ratfest, it was very fun again this year. Portraits were very much in demand, and i was able to recover the costs of the trip and then some. I also did the cake again, of course.

Some portraits and the cake:

Water-soluable graphite, 9 x 12

These are all done in oil pastel 9 x 12:


  1. Ratfest? eeeekkk! great drawings however, and happy cactus monday. (i had a pet rat for a few weeks in highschool...but he had a sad end) When I read your title to the post I thought that maybe you had a rat infestation, now you only have the 1 cat!? Also NYC prob has a number of rats I imagine...hee hee hee....

  2. I am not familiar with the Rat Fest you went to. What in the world is it?? It appears that you drew pictures of pet rats. Am I right?? Interesting. My son had a pet rat in school for a science project. It wasn't very nice. It didn't last long after it bit him a couple of times.

    I like your cactus tree. HCM.

  3. Great drawings, Happy CM!


  4. 'Ratfest' sounds awful, but your sketches are wonderful.

    The cactus are so fun!

    Mr Linky is back so please stop over and leave your link-don't want anyone to miss this post.


  5. HCM!

    Glad to see you back online.
    Too bad it didn't work out with the cats....... Bringing the kitty back will bring bring peace and quiet in your home and you will all sleep again!

    Nice rat art!


  6. I love your cactus tree, Ratfest cake and rat drawings. We used to have a rat named Einstein.

  7. Nice to see you blogging again. i guess not all cactus lovers are rat lovers LOL! The cake is amazing and great job on the portraits!

  8. you are so artistic, love your sketches, and to think you did them in the train. love your water color of the cactus, and the rats, very cute.

  9. Love the cactus tree...very cool...Glad to see you back on the "Cactus Monday train"! :) HCM!

  10. How are dear Stapeliad?
    Wow! You got so many to share today. Love your unique cactus piece....the mouse are cute.
    So lively and in action.
    Happy Cactus Monday!
    Missing you for sometimes, hope all are in order.

  11. Hi Jessica!!! You are back!!!!! YEAH!!! What a great imaginative cactus tree painting!!! Love it!!!

    Ratfest looked fun! Were Drusilla and Matt there? Love you cake!!! Very cool!!!

  12. What a wonderful cactus tree!

    I'm glad to hear that Ratfest was another great success this year. Your cake looked fabulous as did all the wonderful portraits. Did Daya enjoy the Ratfest too?


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