topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, May 25, 2009

CAcTus Monday- Dizzy Edition

I went to Connecticut. Got back last night. I went to visit my friend Cathy and help paint her dining room. And tease her for having 10 cats when the limit was set to six.

I can't have more than one cat because Sigynn *really* hates other cats.


One of Cathy's cats isn't too happy with the 10 cat situation. She's being bullied. She's becoming a loner. Not good.

So....I have acquired another cat, Dizzy. On a trial basis until mid-July. If she and Sigynn are still hostile and growling I'll take Dizzy back to Connecticut. If this works out Dizzy will be Daya's cat, because I can say Sigynn is Daya's cat all I want to but we all know she's MY cat.

Dizzy is 2 1/2 years old and Cathy had her from 10 days old. They bottle fed her. Cathy wouldn't give one of her cats to just anyone, and I certainly wouldn't even consider taking in another cat unless it was a really special circumstance like this one.

Dizzy is hanging out under Daya's bed. Isn't she gorgeous??


  1. What a gorgeous cat. She has "that" look in her eyes though. She doesn't want to be bothered while under the bed. I hope she comes out and realizes that she is getting a chance at a wonderful home.

  2. She could be related to Marianne's Sjimmie. Adorable looking kitty. How does Daya like her?

  3. what does daya think of her? you are brave taking her on...hope they will be okay together....huggles

  4. She is lovely! I hope it all works out! Good luck.

  5. Cool kitty...not shy of camera!
    Happy Cactus Monday dear Stapeliad!

  6. Ahh poor kitty.....
    She certainly is beautiful!
    With a lot of patience she will turn around The only real problem will be the 2 cats together, I hope it will work out. Your new cat is not dominant so that is a good thing , she will leave the number 1 cat alone.
    Patience and no forcing will do the trick.
    I really hope it will work out. So much stress for the kitties and you otherwise.
    You are sweet for giving her a chance!

    Good luck!

  7. You are so sweet to offer her a home...I hope it all works out. She's adorable!

  8. Hi Jessica! What a cute kitty! Looks like my DIL's cat...all black with only one white whisker! Hope it will all work out!

    Flying home tomorrow morning from Germany...I think. Don't want to leave, but know I must at some point.

    Talk to you again soon-


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