topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An actual Blog post

I am in such a pissy awful terrible mood and I have to remind myself to be nice to people. I think it's hormones.


There is a weird LOW bass noise in my apartment and I can't figure out what it is or where it is coming from but it is DRIVING. ME. INSANE. I feel it in my bones, it is such a low and unpleasant vibration. And it never fucking stops.

Actually I think I finally figured it out but can't be 100% sure.

I think my upstairs neighbors got a Roomba.

While it might sound funny, it really isn't. For the love of all that is good in this world, if you live in an apartment and someone lives below you, and you MUST get one of these things, PLEASE do not run it 24-7. Or overnight.

The most fucked up thing about it is that I kind of want one to scrub my kitchen floor all the time. And I really want to stop hearing that awful constant low rumble from above. I can even hear it through my earplugs.

NYC is grating on my nerves so badly these days it is awful. I was going to move this summer...but...really unique and amazing opportunities are happening with my job and I am not willing to leave until I can be non-location specific, which is in the works.



  1. I hope your worries and doubt on the weird LOW bass noise will be rwsolved soon.
    Hope to hear you settle down at a place that you will find peace, joy and enlightenment all together.
    Bye Stapeliad!

  2. Oh poor you. Noise can drive you crazy!
    I am lucky that my house is not connected with the neighbours, only the garages.
    My friend who lives with one neighbour under one roof is getting crazy by their music which they turn on very high after midnight. They had to call the police several times.
    Did you try to talk to them?

    I wiiiish you strenght

    Take care

  3. aaaaawwww sweetie pie, i feel so distressed for you, shall i come over amd punch him in the nose?...yet at the end of the post do i hear a glimmer of good news...??was sooo damned eggsited when i heard your voice, i nearly wet myself with joy darling!

  4. I had to check out the link to see what a Roomba was....poor you! Nothing worse than continual, irritating noise penetrating your sanctuary. It does sound like good news on the job front though. Sending you lots of positive vibes ~ :)

  5. I grew up in an apartment in Brooklyn so got used to noise - but we never had things like Roomba's! How annoying

  6. Sorry about the annoying noise. I know how that can get to you. I'm delighted that there are "unique and amazing opportunities" at your job. Before you get too far down in the dumps, remind yourself that is more than a lot of people have these days. Good luck.

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