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topiary cats

Monday, April 20, 2009


It is a rare thing in life to find someone who is such a kindred spirit that they immediately take up permanent residence in your heart. And Soulbrush is a rare lady indeed. For one thing she has pink hair. For another, she's crazy. Which is why I am very proud to present this special, unique, and extremely prestigious award:

(showing off my mad Photoshop skillz hee hee)

We spent 9 hours together and talked the entire time. And we're not done talking so she's invited me over to dinner Thursday night. And you know what that means: I GET TO MEET SNUFFLES! (and hopefully Maggie but not guaranteed)

This morning we met at Trafalgar Square and talked for a while. Then we went to the National Gallery for a few minutes so I can say I've been there. Unlike New York, you cannot take any pictures whatsoever AT ALL even without a flash NO EXCEPTIONS.

Here is the pic I took when the guard wasn't looking:

We left very quickly afterwards.

Then we went walking down...well I forgot what street but we went to a little tourist shop and bought....

...matching condoms!

Aren't these hilarious?

Here's what we did next:

I pet the horse and the sign was wrong: he did not bite me.

We went on a boat down the Thames. It was beautiful.

We walked across London Bridge.

Then we went to this supercool pub that had actual gravestones in the garden.

WE SAW A GHOST behind the resident garden gargoyle. Check this out: what do you think?

Then we went for a beautiful and proper Afternoon Tea. Which turned out to be a British/South African Afternoon Tea, because Soulbrush and I both had tea from South Arica with British scones and meringues. It was pure heaven.

Speaking of South Africa, that country won't leave me alone. I keep meeting things/people South African. Soulbrush herself is South African. I found a South African place here:

And I'm staying right across the road from here:

The cool thing about not having to pay for this trip is I can do more shopping!!!!! Daya made out exceptionally well today. I will have to get very creative when packing my suitcase. Soul, THANK YOU for the beautiful gifts you bought for Daya. And my funky tea cozy.

Here are some night photos:

Soul, THANK YOU for such an amazing and FUN day!!! Can't wait to see you Thursday!!


  1. I am thrilled to see all of these photos. It 'almost' makes me feel like I am there with you two. I am in spirit with you. What a fun filled day. Thanks so much for taking us along.

    And yes I think it was a ghost.

    The word Verification is SUSHOUL

  2. So Dick Blick is in London too! Cool. So glad you are having fun. Your friend looks like a very neat lady.

  3. SB and I met a year ago and chattered nonstop for the hour that we had - it was lovely! so glad you got to spend time together - have fun at dinner.

  4. What a fabulous day you both had!!!! I jusdt wrote to her to say we need to have a CM convention in London on some CM.

    Wonderful photos! I felt like I was walking with you.

    Ohmygod, those condoms are hysterical!!!

    The perfect way to spend Cactus Monday!!!

    HCM indeed!

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  6. Dru- no Dkick Blick here. I brought the bags from NYC. We did spend a short time in the galleries looking at paintings.

  7. Wow! You all really have a great day out. I will stay tune for more great news.
    You really look good wit casual dress code Stapeliad. Anyway, it's a very comfortable pleasing trip:)
    The cactus art journal that you specially dedicate for soulbrush is so unique and beautiful. Money can't buy friendship!

  8. How great! Soul B looks so awesome with her pink hair!!! You guys have covered so much ground already! That gargoyle is so wild! Will be waiting to hear about your Thusday! Happy days at work next 2.

  9. Yeah! I'm in London with you and Soulbrush as I type! because I'm here at your blog and it is Monday!

    I agree with Teri we are going to have to have a CM Convention! You look so happy and what a wonderful tea is that! and the Meringues!!! Yum!

    That dress for Daya is to kill for! Lovely... Keep up to good work and such a lovely token your book to Soulbrush... You certainly have it together young lady :-) HCM and a fabulous week!

  10. aaaaawwwww, no wonder you couldn't sleep...this is fabadabadooooooo...i love you and i have such a funny story to tell you on thursday, reason i couldn't sleep! before...
    omg that award is SIMPLY THE BEST....remember 'it takes one to know one!'

  11. What a fantastic day you two had!!! Soulbrush sounds like she is a lot of fun to be around. I must have had you guys on my mind yesterday because I made Devonshire Tea (scones, jam and cream) for afternoon tea. How cool that you are going to see Soulbrush again before you leave.

    The photos are all AWESOME and some (condoms) are hilarious!!!

  12. I am so deliriously happy for the two of you I sit here weeping happy tears as I type...Enjoy every remaining second of your trip...and if you get to see miss Maggie give her a big smoocheroo from me! :)

    Fabulous photos...and details! Hilarious!

  13. London! Awesome! :)


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