topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Preschool etc.

Firstly, thanks for all the nice comments on my Flash Cactus! I made it in Flash...and though it's really basic it was a lot of fun and I'll have to do more.

Daya LOVES school. On her first day she ran into the school without even saying goodbye. Well, she did come back 5 minutes later to tell me where she was...not the other wawy around LOL... but she loves it there and everything is fine.

We got a nice snowstorm Sun night, and had to walk to the school in about 7 inches of snow!

Here is Daya on her first day:

Also, can you guess what this thing is?

Did you guess a kitty cat? Sigynn says Meow!


  1. Daya is so adorable and such a happy-looking child. I thnk mothers have a harder time with that first day of school than the childrean.

    The cat is pretty neat also/

  2. aaaaawwww thanks so much for the photos, she is adorable, if maggie grows up to look like her i will be so thrilled. i am back teaching this age group 2 days a week, and they are just charming. cute kitty, although i'm not a kitty person.

  3. How nice she LOVES school, then it´s only you who has to get used to it :)
    believe me it is so much better this way then to leave a crying child
    She looks lovely!
    And this kitty!!!!!!!!!!WAUW!
    What a beauty also!

  4. how wonderful that Daya is loving school and what cute pics of her!

    Sigynn looks to be such a contented cat ~ :)

  5. Glad Daya is happy at school!> Great kitty shots!

  6. Daya is adorable....but that kitty is a cross between scary and psycho...should I say also it is weird, but beautiful...truely one of Gods sweet creations!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so glad Daya loves school...isn't it just such a relief!!!

  7. Having your children loving to go to school is half the battle. She looks adorable in her uniform (?).

    I guessed kitty right away. I know that fur. Is it your cat? Love those eyes.

    Funny the word verification tonight is torte. The cat looks like a tortisshell cat to me.

  8. Oh this is great Daya liking school, she's a smart cookie! She knows whats good for her...
    What a blessing :-) And what did that cat get herself into, looks like a drawer?

  9. Hi! Daya is so cute and adorable in her best suit ready to school!
    Love the close up cat photos here, the big shining eyes look so abtract too:)


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