topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 09, 2009

Almost Tuesday

Well, I really blew it for Cactus Monday this week. Didn't even get an Invisible Cactus posted.

I must blame the time change, which really messes me up. Why do we have to switch the clocks twice a year? It makes me feel all cobwebby. Also, I spent the night with a friend in crisis Saturday night. I didn't sleep much- Harlem is much noisier at night than my neighborhood. But I am glad I could be there for my friend. That makes me feel good.

But I was really tired on Sunday. And I brought work home. There was just nothing left for Cactus Monday- no time, no energy.

And today I spent all day at work filling my poor brain with more Action Script. Animating, to be specific. So maybe next week's cactus will be something to look forward to...

...if I can get my act together!

PS Daya still loves school and all her pooping issues disappeared. (I knew they would with a better diet!!) I was very tired of dealing with that.


  1. It sounds like you did much good for your friend and that is better than any Cactus Monday. You need to rest!

    Arizona never changes their clocks...YEAH!! no adjustment needed. But I will pay for it when we drive back to Wisconsin and lose two hours.


  2. Hi Jessica! You are a good friend to your friend! Glad Daya is doing better in that department (the "YOU KNOW WHAT")!!! LOL. Happy Cactus MOnday anyway, today! I am in Miami tonight, on my way to Key West with my daugher for spring break! South Beach is amazing with all the Art Deco stuff, and we ate at an amazing sushi bar that floated the sushi around to you on little boats! Will post on blog when i can. We got a video of it!!!

  3. I'm glad you're okay. I was worried when I didn't see anything cause you are so good about your cactus posts. Well, what you did for your friend was way more important and I'm sending best mojo to her (or him). Glad to hear Daya loves school and the other issues have resolved themselves. I look forward to dancing cactii!! :)

  4. Well I posted on my site and I am a Cactus. So, lets just pretend I was pinch-hitting for you, okay?

  5. next week new chances!
    never mind
    Sometimes you are busy with other things, thats life!
    Hope you had a happy Monday without a cactus !

  6. I am glad all is working out for you. I will look forward to your next cactus whenever it appears.

  7. i was like that with my 'mantra monday' card for this week...just didn't get time with other stuff going on instead.

    that was really sweet of you to be there for your friend.

    great news that daya's pooping issues are much better now and that she's still enjoying school.

    we don't do daylight saving in queensland though businesses have been trying to get it brought in for years now. i hope it doesn't happen.

    take care and enjoy your week.

    love, light and peace,

  8. Oh sometimes it is good to take a break! Cactus Monday can always wait... You know where your priorities stand, being a good friend!

    Glad to hear that Daya is so, so happy with school.
    Wish I knew action script... could you give me any tips... I did touch Flash once and made a mini animation. You can see it here:

    Hugs to you and Data... HCM week!

  9. hcm anyway(today is thursday alreadyyikes....) so glad daya is doing well and all sorted. they do grow up so fast don't they?

  10. there is a new award for you on my blog 'sister'.

  11. Happy cactus Monday!
    Take care:)


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