topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cactus Monday

Happy Cactus Monday!
Here is a little card for today:
Gouache on Canson Acrylic Paper
5 1/2 x 3 1/2

Also, special thanks to wonderful Soulbrush for sending such a lovely tea towel! I've decided to hang it in Daya's room since she's half South African. She calls it her Picture-Towel. She loves it.

Thanks so much!!

Daya says hello to everyone.


  1. Excellent! HCM to you!

  2. Happy Cactus Monday Stapeliad!
    So cute Daya and she loves to pose!
    Your little card is packed with vibrant great style, keep it up!

  3. Your Nopales are so alive... just love the movement and the vibrancy of color.
    Also I think we are on the same wave length for cacti choice for HCM!
    I made Yoon See's day you made mine :-)

  4. Jess, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the colors move each other. Happy Cactus Monday. Give that sweet little Daya a hug from me.

  5. The card is gorgeous...vibrant and very southwest feeling...Daya is such a little charmer...what a sweetie! :)

  6. Just simply gorgeous!!! Love the composition, colors, just everything about this.

    And Daya is a such a little doll.


  7. OMG...that is the cutest picture EVER of Daya! I still think of her so much younger sleeping with her cheese!!! LOL! Nice cactus painting, BTW...but it really doesn't compare to the photo of Daya! Sorry. :)

  8. OH, I love your cactus card!!! It's so happy and vibrant...almost like the cacti are dancing in it. Well done!

    Awwww....Daya is so darned cute! Has she started at the new preschool yet?

  9. Oh I LOVE that card! The colors are so joyful and rich! Great job! And Daya remains the #1 cutie pie! Hope you are feeling better!

  10. Wow I missed this one monday
    What a beauty !!!!
    And so is your daughter. good idea to hang the tea towel in her room, they are so colorful and there is a lot going on on the towels.......
    once again your entry for CM is fabulous!!!!

  11. Sure...let's trade! :) Give me a couple of days to post some more cards...this will be fun! :)


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