topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cactus Monday: Invisible Edition

Can you find my cactus for this Cactus Monday?

I can't either. Probably because it's missing. I've been fighting off yet another cold this weekend and have not been feeling so great. I'll try to get some painting done during the week and will hopefully be back in full force for the next Cactus Monday.

Have a happy one, Cactuteers!

PS Daya thinks the flat optunia cacti are ping pong paddles. :)

PPS My card from the other day isn't a self-portrait... LOL...and thanks for the nice comments!


  1. Emergen-C to the rescue!!! Get some immediately!

    Hope you can fend it off. I seriously could not believe how it helped me. I drank 3 packets each day.

    I was bad this week too not really having a cactus (artistically speaking) to post.

    Oh well...sickness has a way of draining you out.

    Hope you and Daya have a happy Valentines week!

  2. HCM despite no cactus(me too, just a photo). Get well soon...

  3. you are not invisible to us fellow cactuteer and get yourself well soooooon. HCM and hugs.

  4. Happy Cactus Monday. Get well soon. Maybe you need to paint a cold slaying fairy to help you through your cold and she can help you fight off any more illness.

  5. Honey and Vitamin C (a lot of fruit) and you won't get sick! Believe me... haven't been sick in years.
    I eat a bowl of fruit with 2 teaspoons of honey every day.

    Miss you! Get well Jessica... A big hug and HCM :-)

  6. Cheap wine keeps me healthy!!
    No really, I hope you feel better soon. Colds are the absolute worse because you just have to ride them out. There's no cure, only prevention and relief (once it hits.)
    I faithfully take Vit-C too.

    Happy Cactus Monday're there in spirit!

  7. HCM to you dear Stapeliad , it's OK and I could understand your situation.
    I am busy too and perhaps will randomly check on the cactus monday posts occasionally when I am away soon.
    Take care and have grwat fun with the card creating!!!

  8. HCM! Jessica!
    Hope you will beat your cold soon.
    Maybe it is the end of winter which makes your imunity so low. Maybe you should try the wonder pills Julie had.......
    Take care!

  9. Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. I just love your invisible cactus-very creative lol.

    Hope you are well soon!!



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