topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cactus Monday

I did a little more work on the Stape G faerie. But even after sitting down and painting for a while, I still really did not feel like it. So hopefully she will be finished sometime this week. Perhaps on No-Computer Tuesday or No-Computer Thursday.

The Stape G. Faerie says Happy Cactus Monday!

Not pictured yet: the flies.

My No-Computer days are devoted to reading, art, and playing with Daya...although she insists on that last one all the time. I went around my bookcases and pulled out a bunch of interesting-looking books. Some of them I have already read, some I will read cover to cover, and some I will read in bits and pieces.

Not pictured:
*Eat, Pray, Love
*Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy
*Soul Coaching
*Space Clearing A to z
*If I can forgive So Can You
*Past Lives Present Miracles
and of course
*12 Secrets to Highly Creative Women

Daya wanted to take a picture with the books.

OOH and I almost forgot! It's Delurking Day!


  1. Your G fairy is coming along beautifully.

    Tell Daya to stack up her books then take a picture of her reading them. :) That should be a fun project for her for about 5 minutes. ha...

    Hang in there girl, one day in the not so far future she will be 13 and pushing you away with one hand and pulling you to her with the other.

    Keep those fairies flying...

  2. happy cactus monday little fairie and you too gorgeous are so cute.

  3. Daya is a doll and sounds like so much fun. Love that little fairy.

    I need a no computer day but I think I would go into withdrawl!


  4. Daya is a little princess..a fairy in her own right! Have a happy Cactus Monday fellow Cacuteer! :)

  5. Happy Delurking Day!!

  6. Your fairy is coming along real well. I love all your coice of books! Looks like alot of fun! Hey, I saw these little slim tents tonight just big enough to sleep in (you and Daya) and they could even fit on a balcony! You would be outside and listen to the crickets while you sleep...when it gets a bit warmer, anyway! HCM!!!

  7. I think the fairy is blossoming quite nicely :)
    Daya knows her mommy has great taste in books! I can't remember how many friends I've bought "12 secrets.." for. It's a GREAT book!


  8. I do like the way you are doing her skirt & leaves (?)--the color and the texture. Looking forward to seeing it done.

  9. Oh I love Daya! I always wanted a girl but got two (wonderful) boys....
    The Fairy looks GREAT!

  10. The faerie is looking wonderful, Jessica! Question - What watercolour weight of paper do you use? And, do you wet it then let it dry before starting a painting? I'm not a watercolourist but, one day, it's something I would like to try but some books say to wet the paper and dry it...others say not to so I quite confused.

    Daya is the cutest model ever!

    Great selection of books...I'm a huge Abraham-Hicks devotee....have their Law of Attraction DVDs too.

  11. I can see who's the inspiration to your little Faerie...
    another little smart Faerie called D...
    Have a great week :-) Can't wait to see it finished!


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