topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tagged- 5 a Day

Serena tagged me and I think this is a pretty good tag.

Here are the top five things that I try to do every day to stay mentally healthy, keeping in mind mentally healthy is relative and not always successful:

1. I am friends with myself. This means that I speak to myself kindly and treat myself the way I treat my close friends. I try and keep the inner dialogue positive and it really does help.

2. I remind myself "This too shall pass"---it works to give me perspective in tough times and also helps me appreciate special moments and have gratitude for everything.

3. Most nights, I get enough sleep. I firmly believe in the regenerative and restorative power of a good night's sleep and refuse to participate in the modern trend of sleep deprivation.

4. Meditation. I do try to set time aside each day for a few minutes of meditation, but even throughout the day I take a few seconds when necessary to go into that relaxed state and stay centered.

5. Creativity...while I have been awful at keeping up the art this month, I sure do think about it a lot and those faeries are calling out loudly to me to be painted!

Last night I started journalling again. It's been a while. It is a healthy habit, and I wish through the years I had been better at keeping up. I start a journal and write almost every day, then when it is time to start a new one I end up with a huge journalling gap.

Also, I think I am on the computer too much. I may start to take a whole day or even two days each week and keep the computer off at home. With the exception, of course, of Netflix instant viewing while I am painting. I often think about what I did before I had a computer- I painted more, read more, journalled more. My attention span was more focused.


  1. I too am on the computer much more than I should be. However I also am creatively nudged by some of the blogs I read, so I would hate not to look at the art blogs I browse daily.

  2. these are all good, i do some of them wish i did more, also far too much time on the computer, it's soooo addictive!

  3. Fantastic list, Jessica! I think it is so important to be kind to ourselves.

    Thanks for participating ~ :)

  4. I love your list. You're reminding me to get back to doing these things for myself. I'm not kind to myself but I'm working on it. You can't practice loving kindness unless you begin with yourself ;)
    I need to spend less time on the computer as well. I easily chew up 2 hours just with my morning coffee and then I wonder why I'm late! Mindfulness will be my goal for 2009.
    Thanks for the subliminal nudge!

  5. HI
    I wondered if you would mind us posting your 5-a-day on the Mindapples blog? If yes, could you suggest a pic - perhaps the one you posted?



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