topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


1) Daya is still sick. The fever is gone but it turned into a bad head cold. I carried her off to the sitter half asleep in her PJs wrapped in a blanket. There are advantages to having a sitter right down the hall. I am extremely grateful.

2) My sister is coming to visit!!! Because I am awesome I am sending her an unlimited weekly metrocard and a map. Then I am turning her loose to gallivant around Manhattan by herself. She'll have to figure out the rest and try hard to stay out of trouble because I don't have bail money.

3) I bet my sister's friends are totally jealous that she gets to gallivant around Manhattan and get free lodging for 5 whole days! Actually, *I* am jealous. I want free lodging too!

4) Smoke detector update: It was mostly dead after all. It still screeches. It got mad at me when I put the battery back in, but I made good on my threat to remove the battery if necessary and it is now behaving. (With a working battery inside)

5) I am leaving right this very exact second to meet my friend Jackie for lunch at the Olive Garden. Unlimited breadsticks and salad! With soup!!

6) Bye!


  1. All good news!!!!! Well, except I wish Daya felt better, of course! Keep giving her lots of love and kisses and soon she will be!!!

    Happy to hear all of the other great news though! Your sister will be so happy.

    I miss our Olive Garden...they closed our two in this area down. :(

  2. I'm sorry the little one is sick! Poor baby. We're sending our love. You're free to put up our pics by the way...just be gentle and make us look good, like that one where my little one's eyes seemed to roll back in her head mid-sneeze or, no..please don't publish that!

  3. Hope Daya feels better. And I too have done battle with a smoke detector. You know, you usually win when you come armed with a hammer. I"m just sayin'

  4. I hope (((Daya))) gets over the head cold real quick, poor little thing.

    How exciting that you will have your sis visiting for a week and aren't you lovely to provide the travel tickets.

    Glad to hear the smoke alarm is behaving itself.

    Enjoy your lunch....soup, breadsticks and salad...YUM!


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