topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, November 30, 2008

AED.30/Cactus Monday

I made it!!! I really did something art-related every single day this month!

For the last day I broke out the oils...because I avoided them all month. Here is a veritable monstrosity for the last day of November and also Cactus Monday.

It's not a great painting but I did get out the oils and that's what counts. Also, my apartment smells like linseed oil and I love that. I wanted to do it all in one day and I did.

Did you know that when you haven't touched your oils in too long a time you forget what colors you are out of?

I attribute this painting to being...meh...due to the following reasons:

1) I am out of cerulean blue!!!
2) For the majority of the painting I had to listen to The Wonder Pets as my background ambience
3) Focus seems to be an ability that eludes me

Cactus Flowers
9 x 12
Oil on Canvas

I am very glad to have done the Art Every Day challenge. This was such a great way to get myself moving again. In all honesty I do still feel artistically sluggish but at least I'm working and that's what counts. What I decided going forward is to commit to doing art most days instead of every day. And what's nice is that I have a starting point.

Thank you all for your comments and support! It has meant a lot to me to share this journey with you!

Daya update: she's still sick but I think getting a little better.


  1. what a gay and happy illo to end your go girl!! happy cactus monday fellow cactuteer.

  2. Beautiful, Jessica!!! Even with all of your concerns, it is great!!!
    I hope Daya continues to feel better!
    Happy Cactus Monday!

  3. Congrats on doing art daily. That is quite a challenge without having a 3yr old to contend with. Good for you. I do hope Daya gets well quick.

    This is a good sketch. Happy Cactus Monday.

  4. Congrats on doing your art every day. It has been a real pleasure to see what you are doing! Keep it up! Hope Daya feels better.

  5. Why, it looks just like me! ;)

  6. Wow what a beautiful cactus painting!
    30 art pieces in 30 days! What a achievement!

    Happy Cactus Monday fellow cactuteer!

  7. Art everyday! Congrats to you. this cactus is beautifully done and so pretty.

    You can still do a small sketch everyday, it doesn't have to be frameable :)

    I keep a small sketchbook in my purse so when I am waiting or see something that inspires me, I make a quick sketch of it!


  8. Wow! This is so amazingly beautiful....really feast my eyes!
    I love your soft gentle touch set on the flowers, the green & yellow here too compliments the flowers so well.
    Happy Cactus Monday!
    Thanks for your kind support too:)

    There is a giveaway challenge just on from 1/12/08 to 8/12/08. Please drop by when you are free!

  9. Jessica! What a great accomplishment to create and post a piece everyday! That is awesome... now I'm going retro into your blog and just saw the Zentangle Faerie - fabulous :)

    And now you took out those oils, that is a totally different and tricky arena.

    I consider your cacti flowers a great and beautiful start for more! You got me inspired :) Thank You!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so proud of you! I'm so stoked that we completed this challenge together, Jessica....having you along for the ride was awesome!

    I'm hoping to continue with being creative daily, not only involving art but other creative stuff too. Plus it will be 'work in progress' kinda stuff....not necessarily a finished piece each time. My main focus will be NOT to let 'distractions in my life' get in the way of my creative journey again. It will be a challenge but now I believe it's possible.

    love, light and peace,

  11. Ooooops....meant to say that I LOVE your painting! And well done on bringing out the oils.

  12. Nice joyful little cactus in bloom...Happy Cactus Monday Fellow Cacuteer!

    Congrats oon completeing the AED.30 Challenge! :)


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