topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, November 29, 2008


One more day to go! Tonight I did a little more work on the Lithops Faerie.

I took Daya to the Central Park Zoo today...a quick trip; I wanted to get out of the house and walk around a bit. No place like Manhattan to do that. We visited the polar bears but then Daya got realllly sleepy and I discovered she was running a fever. So we went home and both uf us slept for 4 hours. Around 7pm she was still running a high fever. I gave her some medicine and now she feels better.

Except it's 11:26pm and she's WIDE AWAKE.

And I've got that surreal feeling that comes from too much sleep and odd sleep schedules.

Daya is upset that the cat just used the litter box...she's got a strange idea that cat is using *her* potty. The things three year olds get flustered about. It's NOT helping the surreal feeling.

Here is the polar bear.


  1. I hope Daya gets to feeling better soon. Younguns get those fevers so fast and furious sometimes. Take care...

    The polar bear is one of my favorites but it makes me sad when I see one because they are so endangered.

    Your fairy is certainly the bright spot here. She/he is coming around beautifully.

  2. hope she's better very soon...i love polar bears...sigh....someone take him back to the wild please!!!lovely warm colours for your fairy. hugs.

  3. Oh dear...what is causing that fever??? I hope all will be well with her. I am in a funky sleep mode right now too...up at 3:30am (strange time to awaken), then back to sleep at 6am, sleep till 7-8, then to work. It is killing me slowly!!!
    What a neat thing to kind polar bears at the park. WOW. I hope I can see that one day!!!
    Feel better, Daya!!!

  4. Sorry we missed you. Hope you both are feeling better! Can't wait to see the finished faerie.

  5. Well done, loving your process!
    Thanks for shring:)

  6. Poor, little Daya! I hope she's over the fever now.

    The faerie is looking FAB!


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