topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friendly Letter

Dear Neighbors That Keep Flooding My Kitchen,

STOP IT OR I WILL FREAK THE FUCK OUT AT YOU. If the water coming out of my kitchen drain is from your dishwasher, use the correct fucking soap. NOT dish detergent. If my floods are from your illegal washing machine, get rid of it, suck it up and pay the $1.90 to wash and $1.90 for a half hour in the dryer like the rest of the building. Yes it's highway robbery and I totally understand but that's no excuse for you to flood my kitchen.

I do not want your waste water or your soap bubbles in my sink or on my floor or on my counters. GOT IT?

Love and kisses,


  1. Well, this is strange! How does it happen exactly? WOW! I'm sure you have already told them about what is happening. WOW. Good luck with this problem...goodness.....

  2. OH NO! What a dilemma for you...I hope that something gets done soon. Have you complained to the building management staff?

    Good luck!


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