topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dualistic Humanity

I have no qualms about admitting that I often feel frustrated and disgusted at human nature. But then I am priveliged enough to bear witness to situations in which there is such a genuine and selfless outpouring of love for someone who really needs it from so many people, that- I don't know- humanity gets redemption points or something. If you haven't already, go read about Annika.

The human experience is tough because it's all one big fat hairy paradox.

For example:
I am deeply thankful for a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood and the ability to more or less manage the rent.

But then comes a 4.5% rent increase (previously was 3%) and that just pisses me off.

Does that make me gratefully pissed off? Cause I'm grateful for sure as I'm also pissed off.


  1. You are one big fat pissed off, yet funny chick!!! Oh, and grateful too)! :)

  2. I'll second that! lol

    Our rent went up by nearly 10% when our lease came up for renewal in July. :( I was pretty pissed off about that too and, like you, I try to be grateful that, while we struggle to make ends meet, we are still managing....just! :|

  3. Grateful and pissed off can indeed live side by side.


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