topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Every Day

Ok, so I have to paint soon or I'll go loopy (-er than usual). I've taken to starting anatomy studies of hands after Daya goes to bed but I can't focus very well.

My brain has been Googilized. :(

Wonderful Serena blogs about the Art Every Day Challenge for November and I'm trying to push myself to DO IT ALREADY.

So while a huge part of me is protesting (I can be such a toddler, really!) I'm signing up to do it because I think I really need to kickstart my sorry ass into producing some art!

I do much better with project deadlines and a little pressure.


  1. Great to have you on board, Jessica. I signed up for similar reasons to your own so, hopefully, I will get in the habit of daily creativity too. :)

  2. Will you be posting all your everyday art peices??? Oh goodie...(in advance)!!!

  3. I'm thinking I will post a variety of creative and crafts mainly. I look forward to seeing your daily creative stuff too. I have also signed up for a blog book club too in November. It's a lot to do but I'm so trying to motivate a habit of daily creativity.


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