topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today I am 31. I am definitely older, my wisdom is questionable at best, but dammit I can still fit into the cute shiny blue shirt I wore in college AND the cute size 4 grey and black business dress I bought at the World Trade Center back in 2000. (I somehow can't part with it so it might as well still fit!)

Those two items of clothing are my size benchmark. The dress is a little tighter (it was really loose when I got it) but I had a kid ok? And I gained wisdom and that's got to take up space somewhere right? Actually I can still wear the dress and not feel embarassed.

I know because I tried it on this morning. If it wasn't true I'd be lamenting instead of being happy.

Did you know that having kids does awful things to your body? I really think that is the most unjust thing about being a woman. Pregnancy should make our bellies tighter and definitely should not make The Girls flatter than they should be. The kid doesn't want to come out? Mom gets a C Section belly for life! It's so unfair. Yes it is.

But all in all, I still fit into the same size clothing I wore 11 years ago so I'm feeling pretty good about that.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA!!! I remember when I was 31...sigh...seems so long ago now.

    Now, be sure you treat yourself to a nice, big slice of cake because you damn well deserve it, girl!

    I was still the same dress size I was back in high school until I acquired some extra flab after giving up a two year smoking binge and went up a dress size. :( Thankfully, my Vegan diet has helped me get back to my original dress size again. YAY!

  2. and Serena piss me off! Little tiny human beings!!! I have always been plump, shall we say! LOL. I had forgotten how close your birthday is to mine...of course you could be my daughter!!! I turned 51 on Oct. 18

    Anyway...just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY thin girl!!! xxxooo

  3. Hope you had a great birthday! Now I know when it is heh heh heh! And you are beautiful, no matter what your dress size is!


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