topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, October 31, 2008

New Year

My intention for the new year:

May you also be blessed with happiness.

Daya was a faerie. It suited her very well. Please note that the almost-three year old is bigger than I am.

And my cat says hi. One day I will learn how to focus my camera properly for close-ups.

Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Yesterday, Chris posted a ficticious scary story and invited readers to post their scary stories in the comments section. I was going to write my scary story there but felt it might be better placed here.

This is a true story, from my deep dark past. After you read it I think you'll understand why I never tell it.

Some years ago I was involved with the Pagan scene here in NYC. I was in what I guess you'd call a coven. That in itself was not scary- liken it to very small religious services. A lot of it was a good experience and I learned a lot. But I digress.

During that period I was also on a couple Pagan-oriented email lists. I think it was still eGroups at the time. (Remember eGroups?) Well, on one of the lists I got into a small tiff with a girl who was into some questionable stuff. (demons I think?) She got mad at me (why I can't recall) and threatened to "show me" (paraphrased). I didn't think too much about it- perhaps at most I thoguht I'd have a strange dream. But I didn't.

***pause for some background details***

At the time I lived in a basement apartment in a private house. The windows were small and high up near my ceiling. My bed was positioned in a corner so that my head was near one of the windows.

The girl I got into the tiff with lived across the country somewhere. She was not on the east coast.

***resume story****
This happened over a weekend because I was sleeping in. The next morning I was fast asleep and i heard a voice outside my window. It was a male voice, very deep and oddly, very beautiful. Something about it, though, "carried through the air" wrong. (I don't know how else to describe it.)

My blinds were down but I could tell that it was bright and sunny outside. Anyhow I couldn't really make out what the voice was saying, being half asleep and all, but as I came to full awaremess it was saying things like "You don't believe in me I'll show you." I don't recall anything else it said except for it's threat to "piss on my head". Which meant it knew where I was in the apartment without ever having been inside or seeing through a window. I was really freaked out and so did the only thing one can do in that kind of circumstance- I prayed.

And it worked. Immediately. The person/thing went away.

I tried calling the police but my phone was dead. I quickly got dressed and my very freaked out landlady was at the front door of the house. She said she had called me twice and left 2 messages on my machine. I never did get them. The incident also blew out the power supply on my computer. (That really pissed me off.) I asked what the man looked like- she said he had longish blonde hair, was walking funny and had a bottle in his hand. They had never seen him before. I told them I had no idea who it was and it wasn't a friend of mine. I don't think they believed me but nothing more ever happened.

My phone started working again and I bought a new power supply for the computer. I also slept at my friends' place the following night. For over a month I slept with the lights on.

Remind me sometime to tell you about the stuff that was happening in my apartment right before Daya was born when my ex was completely loco.

I'm off to Target now! Happy Halloween, love and kisses!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today I am 31. I am definitely older, my wisdom is questionable at best, but dammit I can still fit into the cute shiny blue shirt I wore in college AND the cute size 4 grey and black business dress I bought at the World Trade Center back in 2000. (I somehow can't part with it so it might as well still fit!)

Those two items of clothing are my size benchmark. The dress is a little tighter (it was really loose when I got it) but I had a kid ok? And I gained wisdom and that's got to take up space somewhere right? Actually I can still wear the dress and not feel embarassed.

I know because I tried it on this morning. If it wasn't true I'd be lamenting instead of being happy.

Did you know that having kids does awful things to your body? I really think that is the most unjust thing about being a woman. Pregnancy should make our bellies tighter and definitely should not make The Girls flatter than they should be. The kid doesn't want to come out? Mom gets a C Section belly for life! It's so unfair. Yes it is.

But all in all, I still fit into the same size clothing I wore 11 years ago so I'm feeling pretty good about that.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friendly Letter

Dear Neighbors That Keep Flooding My Kitchen,

STOP IT OR I WILL FREAK THE FUCK OUT AT YOU. If the water coming out of my kitchen drain is from your dishwasher, use the correct fucking soap. NOT dish detergent. If my floods are from your illegal washing machine, get rid of it, suck it up and pay the $1.90 to wash and $1.90 for a half hour in the dryer like the rest of the building. Yes it's highway robbery and I totally understand but that's no excuse for you to flood my kitchen.

I do not want your waste water or your soap bubbles in my sink or on my floor or on my counters. GOT IT?

Love and kisses,

Art Every Day

Ok, so I have to paint soon or I'll go loopy (-er than usual). I've taken to starting anatomy studies of hands after Daya goes to bed but I can't focus very well.

My brain has been Googilized. :(

Wonderful Serena blogs about the Art Every Day Challenge for November and I'm trying to push myself to DO IT ALREADY.

So while a huge part of me is protesting (I can be such a toddler, really!) I'm signing up to do it because I think I really need to kickstart my sorry ass into producing some art!

I do much better with project deadlines and a little pressure.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Things We Do... get a kid to poop in the potty.

Daya hates to poop. She says it stinks. So she'd rather just avoid it altogether. It's not hard to figure out that this is not a workable solution, clever though it is.

So I stuck a suppository up her butt and I am hoping for the best. So far she's incredibly resistant. But in the end she can't possibly win the Poop War.

Thank goodness for laptops with DVD drives!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dualistic Humanity

I have no qualms about admitting that I often feel frustrated and disgusted at human nature. But then I am priveliged enough to bear witness to situations in which there is such a genuine and selfless outpouring of love for someone who really needs it from so many people, that- I don't know- humanity gets redemption points or something. If you haven't already, go read about Annika.

The human experience is tough because it's all one big fat hairy paradox.

For example:
I am deeply thankful for a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood and the ability to more or less manage the rent.

But then comes a 4.5% rent increase (previously was 3%) and that just pisses me off.

Does that make me gratefully pissed off? Cause I'm grateful for sure as I'm also pissed off.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Prayers for Annika

A liver became available for Annika. This is her third transplant. She's 7.

Please pray for Anni, and peace for the donor family.

Then go hug all the people you love.

I'm Here!

It's finally October!

I am such a sucker for autumn. The air has cooled off very nicely and I have once again started with my almost nightly hot baths. Work has calmed down considerably and since I have so much vacation time left, I am taking off all Fridays for the rest of the year!

A WHOLE ENTIRE DAY EVERY WEEK where I can put the child with the sitter and do whatever I want to ALL DAY!!

Museums, hello! Swimming, hello! Painting, hello! Afternoon naps, hello!!!

Now I must go catch up on blogs from some of my favorite people.

Love and kisses to all of you!