topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life These Days

We're already into double-digits of September. Amazing.

More and more as I get older (ouch!) I think about how each day of my life could be the last...and how short life really is. And how lazy I am.

Work has been really draining my energy. This is not a complaint, as it's such a rare occurence. But there have been problems at work, both with the team as a whole and specific people. It has been unpleasant. And long-term. I have been feeling very bad and angry. The good news is that earlier this week a lot of the issues really came to the fore and I do think it had to happen in order for positive change to occur.

I am not a punching bag for other peoples' shadows. It is very difficult being sensitive to the energy of others in a corporate environment. I pick up on intentions. Some people are very difficult to be around.

There have been quite a few days lately where I come home feeling bad and the one thing I want is a hug from someone who really cares. That's the crappy side of being single.

But anyhow.

I'm tired. In October I'll take a few days off to decompress. Something nice to look forward to.

Thanks Serena for checking in. It really does make me smile.


  1. I'm sorry things are not as good as they should be and as you deserve them to be. if you need to talk I'm usually around. Hang in there. I'm glad you can have some time off to look forward to. Hugs.

  2. October is the best month for time off!!! The weather will be cool and brisk! A real recharger! I remember when I was a single parent with a young is hard! One day your soul mate will just arrive on the'll see!

  3. When you have a minute go check out the Halloween ATC I have on my ATC blog! I want to use these folded medallion like things on cards and possibly on some wall art...what do you think?

  4. Hey Jessica--I am sorta feeling the same drained out way you have! I think it must be the weather and current events! We must look forward to cooler air and wonderful holidays!

  5. I would give you a big 'ol hug if I was there or you were here.

    Take good care, kiddo.

  6. ((((Hugs to you, my friend))))

    I understand how tough it must be working with people who seem to thrive on negativity. I'm sure you could have done without the pressures and stress. Know that you have friends in blogland who do care.

    I agree about the down side to being much as I do feel I'm better off alone, there are those times when I just wish someone else was there to just give me a hug and tell me everything is going to be okay.

    I'm sure you will have a blissful time off in October. Have you made any plans?

  7. Hey are you guys doing? Hope your days are getting cooler there, and more beautiful!
    It is still hot here, but actually cooler after dark now, which is a positive change! Looking forward to that fall air...dry and crisp!


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