topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, August 16, 2008

PRT Buffer # 2

Just in case anyone is still doubting WHY I encase myself in the buffer of Pigeon Risk Time (PRT), here's a good story.

Tonight I had a disk in my DVD drive. Suddenly, I heard a very loud CRACK!! (it scared the cat)

Would you believe that a cd shattered- and I mean shattered- in the drive while it was playing???

Of course the drive is ruined. Which is a shame, it was not cheap.

Here is the photographic evidence:
(Game Time! Count the pieces of shattered cd!)

I called Jason, my computer-savvy friend in Georgia, to run this by him. (He had, in fact, heard of a zombie hard drive but had never heard of this!) Like many computer-inclined people, Jason has a lot of assorted computers and computer parts sitting around. In fact, he said it was on his list to ask around to see in anyone wanted parts. So he's sending me a new DVD drive!

Isn't that really nice of him?

I think so. Thanks, Jason!

And that, friends, is how PRT is a good buffer. Sure, the drive freaked out but I don't have to spend $$ on a new one. The CD wasnt really important and will be easy and very cheap to replace.

Also, I got a note from my bank in the mail today. Apparently I went overdrawn for $2 and they charged me $34 a week and a half ago. What I think they do is mess with time stamps on activity so that debits come right before credits. They have charged me fees before claiming that my paycheck hit the account a half hour after a debit, so in their eyes there were not funds in the account. A half hour.

Fuck you Citibank.


  1. Boo on chipped cds and boo on fees from Citibank.

    And boo on nearly-ruined paintings, but hurrah for cute Dayas.

    Also, I'm Heidi, I keep up with your blog. :)

  2. What rotten luck with the CD...I've never heard of that happening before.

    Banks can be so sneaky in finding ways to part us from our money. I remember, thirty years ago, there was no such thing as bank fees and they actually paid us a decent interest to bank our money with them. Back then, banks had more tellers, general staff and no computers. When computers first came in, staff lost jobs and the banks said it would be better as they wouldn't have as much expenditure in wages and the public would benefit...what a joke! With ATMs, more computers doing the work of people, we are now being forced to pay ridiculously high bank fees. I find it all unbelievable how they are ripping us off, crying poor and yet they are making millions in profits! Can ya tell I'm not a fan of banks either?!

    Btw, Jessica, I nominated you for the 'Blogging Friends Forever' gold award card as that's how I view you. There is absolutely no expectation that you participate but please feel free to collect your award regardless.

  3. I think your CD drive was was preparing for Halloween!
    Banks are dumb. :)

  4. Oh this DVD story is scary! Glad that got resolved!

    As for overdraft nightmare... most banks grant a Courtesy Forgiveness once in a 12 month period.
    Check your bank... before the end of the year... I got pardoned almost 2 months after the fact.

    Just go and talk to them... it's good practice not to be scared of those entities, there are humans in those big buildings, maybe bloggers also :)
    I had a teller blogger in my bank.
    Hugs and Good Luck!


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