topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, July 28, 2008


Pop Quiz:

Q: What's the best time for all the MetroCard vending machines to not take credit cards?

A: Monday Morning rush hour at the end of the month, when everyone's pre-paid transit needs to be refilled.

I am laying low today because I feel crappy, energy around me feels crappy, etc etc etc.

Then I read my weekly astrology report at work this morning. Here's what Mark Husson says for today:

Monday 28 July, Moon in Gemini

Venus and Chiron are fighting today and there are a couple things you should be aware of so that you don't find yourself in situations you could have avoided. You are advised not to engage in extra marital/relational affairs unless you are seriously considering ending your existing relationship. If you have already begun an outside relationship (I'm not here to judge you), then this is the week to be extra careful.

If you are having trouble in your current relationship then this is not the week to prove that you are right and your partner is wrong. This is the time to find the middle ground and to recognize that this is a difficult cycle. Less is way more. This is also not a great time to start a business because you don't want this aspect in your business chart. The good news is that it only last for 3 days (ending on July 31).

Anyhow. I'm going to be positive and say 2 good things that happened:
1. A friend that I don't talk to as much as I used to called me yesterday and we had a really nice, long talk and it was great to hear from her.

2. My July utility bill was under $100! YAY! (not by much but still...)

Friday starts the beginning of Pigeon Risk Time (PRT). It's also the start of a powerful 3 day eclipse. A Pigeon Risk Eclipse. Also, it's the 7th annual North East Rat Fest.


  1. V-E-R-Y interesting! LOL. Hope you feel better by longer crappy. LOL. :)

  2. Maybe that's why I've been feeling all on edge lately....PRT is just around the corner.

    I hope you are feeling much better too.

  3. It is now the last day of July...are you feeling better??? Hope so! Sending hugs!!!


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