topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I spent the past weekend in Minneapolis with my friend Debbie, who was kind enough to host me for 5(!) days. She was an impeccable hostess and even left fresh flowers and a robe out for me.

I am seriously looking at relocating to Minnesota and will start seriously looking for a house next year. This one was on sale...isn't it CUTE??????????

The lakes are gorgeous, the air is clean, and best of all there is NO ONE THERE!
I biked about 15 miles around the lakes on Friday, and Saturday we went kayaking.

Here are some pretty lake pics:


  1. OMG, Jessica!!! The pics are gorgeous and the house is OH, SO CUTE!!! I'm jealous!! A lovely pic of you with your friend. Did Daya go too?

  2. Oh, beautiful it is there!!! I know you would love all that open space and fresh air with Daya! Good luck with your plans...hopefully housing will be down even further so you can get an adorable little house with stone trim!!! And a cute garden with Stapeliad as well!!! :)


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