topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Poor Neglected Blog

I have not been writing because:

*I have been making waffles. (yum)
*I have been lazy.
*Daya has other ideas about what to do with the computer.
*It's been really &#&%ing hot here. (Julie and Serena HOW do you manage???)
*I have been (sort-of) diligently cleaning my apartment.
*The lure of is stronger than the lure of Blogger.
*I fell asleep. Twice.
*I ran out of flour (for the waffles) so had to go to the store to get more.
*I have been meditating
*Lots and lots of good thoughts and reflections that never really do make it to the blog. (I was going to do a whole post on death last Thursday. Then the next day my sister told me her friend's brother died the next day. Sad.)
*I have a whole list of things I really need to do and am avoiding. Important stuff, too.
*My cat started puking on the bed and I had to chase her off before she hacked up that hairball. (Note to self: non-puking cat next time, ok?)
*I was making tea.
*I really did have to go to work.
*I did paint a little (but am still not done. (Pls see point about it being really &^%$ing hot here)
*Daya sat in a box and I had to take a picture.
*I was reading.

Does anyone out there know if PG Tips makes decaf tea?
And where in NYC I can find it?

Oh, also, HOW do you get the Backyardigans out of your head?


  1. You do NOT get Backyardigans out of your head. Once there, they're in your head forever. I've resigned myself to this.

    Yip yip yip the worman polka...

  2. LOL. You are a hoot, girl!!! It is hot here too, but that is where the a/c comes in! I try to stay in it nearly always!!! I love the Backyardigans...sing, sing, sing!!!

  3. Who the heck are the Backyardigans???

    We're in our winter at the moment but I do sympathise with you over the heat.


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