topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Has it really been a week???

I told myself "I'll post tomorrow," and somehow tomorrow turned into a week!

Here is my week in review:
Sat thru Monday: my friend Ellen came to visit with her daughter, who is three weeks younger than Daya. We had a wonderful time and her daughter is an absolute gem. We put them in the bath together and took the cutest. pictures. ever. I'm not including the super-cute matching butt shots, because I don't put pics of my kid (or other peoples' kids) like that on the internet. Sorry.

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, because that's what I do to people who visit me.

I made up for it by taking them to John's Pizzeria, still in the same location since 1929. They have the best pizza in NYC. If you come here, go there.

Then I took them for the best and most famous cheesecake ever at Juniors...original location in Brooklyn, of course.

I got to carry Daya around in the Ergo carrier, too. I miss doing that like I used to. That's what I'll miss most about her babyhood, when she finally gets too big for me to wear her.

Tuesday: went to work.
Wednesday: went to work. Came home and found out my next door neighbor had just passed away. Very sad, he was a really nice guy. I am sad for his wife, who I am friends with.
Thursday: went to work.
Friday: went to Chinatown for tea, incense, and amazing dim sum.
Saturday: The Toddler and I both got our hair cut. I also straightened her hair with the blow dryer. Straight or curly, my daughter has enormous hair. After the haircut we went to spend the rest of the day with my friend and her 17 month old daughter.

Sunday: Went to see Mary, played in the park. Got exhausted and someone fell asleep at 6:30pm! (yay!)

Sunday PM: I don[t want to go back to work tomorrow; I love having days off! There is a candle burning, incense too, and I am drinking a nice big cup of white tea. Once my laptop finishes a software update I'll put a movie on there and do some graphics work on this puter that I've been procrastinating on.

I hope you are having a peaceful evening, too.


  1. Looked like a lovely week! Nice pics! The Brooklyn bridge looks like something I would like to walk over one day!!! It may never happen, with a husband like mine! Your daughter really does have big hair...she looks darling with it straighterned...but also darling with it the usual way! She's just a cute girl!!!

  2. Sounds good to me! My sister lived in Manhatten for many years and I MISS, MISS, MISS the pizza and down home places that don't exist anywhere else in the universe.

    Well, I should take that back. She lives in Olivebridge, NY now and the Wholefoods Market piques my interest. But what a lovely daughter you have. Lucky you!

  3. If I were to visit NYC, I'll definitely get you to walk me across the Brooklyn Bridge and find that pizza (the one in the pic is Stinkerbell's favorite!) and cheesecake.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouragement. You're right, I need to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  4. What fun!!! Great pics and the Ergo carrier certainly looks like a handy thing to have. Daya is so cute!


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