topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, January 28, 2008

How to Clear A Busy Popular Restaurant

What you need:

A toddler (number of toddlers doesn't matter)
1 discount on-sale-for-half-price princess CD player for toddlers with little microphone (around $2.50)
A busy popular restaurant with a sound system (Dallas BBQ is a good choice)


1. Open cd player, insert batteries.

2. Plug in little tiny toddler microphone. Pack cd player in your bag when you are called to be seated.

3. Wonder where that awful glass-breaking screeching is coming from. Discover that the awful high pitched feedback-screech is coming from the restaurant's sound system.

4. Make the staff scurry around to find the cause of the problem.

5. Get really annoyed, along with everyone else in the restaurant.

6. When finally seated, suddenly realize that the tiny microphone from the tiny toddler cd player is interfering with the entire speaker sound system, causing that awful noise.

7. Very discreetly and quietly, unplug microphone. Under no circumstances should you take it out of the bag.

8. Act innocent and leave a big tip.


  1. LOLOLOL...great story!!! did not have this happen!!!!! I can see it now...when you discovered it was the culprit!!!
    H ah ahhahahahaha


  3. I'm missing you, girl. BTW...thanks for the nice comments, but my photography sux!


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