topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Funny and a Sad

I have a friend who is pregnant and lives in North Carolina. She's a country girl. And she found a diaper bag at Macys that she fell in love with.

Unfortunately it's $300.

So, since Macys is here in NYC and they always have pretty good sales, I went to 34th street to look for my friend's bag.

I had to ask the sales lady where the bag was, and I described it and said I was looking for my friend. The sales lady knew the bag I was talking about, started laughing, and said "Oh girl, we don't have that, it's too country for here!"

After the next two weeks my Breck Tuesdays will end. I'll really, really miss that...but saving money is a top priority now. Must move.


  1. Don't buy and Starbucks all adds up...its amazing!

  2. Such a shame about the bag but funny that it was too country for NYC. lol


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