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topiary cats

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Lobotomy

Last night I gave my computer a lobotomy.

See, even though I purchased this computer and Windows brand new from HP, I had a bad system crash in early 2006. The guy who saved my computer had to wipe the drive and reinstall everything. Trouble was he installed a bootleg version of Windows XP professional, when I was supposed to have a genuine copy of XP Home.

Time passed. My system wasn't running properly and I couldn't do any updates due to the bootleg version. Then I lost a bunch of accessories, like the volume control. So, the inevitable. Of course I never had XP install disks, so I got some from HP. And I figured, since I had to start from scratch anyhow why not get a new hard drive too. Because between both my hard drives I was running out of space.

Last night was the lobotomy. I was really nervous about switching out a hard drive because they're fairly delicate (the static thing). But it worked!! Except for the fright I got when I realized I left my old C drive in instead of the backup hard drive where all my data was...when i swapped out the correct drive everything worked!

And still works!

Today was spent updating software, finding and installing updated drivers, everything. My system is running so much better. And my new hard drive?

400 gigs!!!!


  1. OMG!!!! 400 gigs!!! My poor little computer's harddrive is only 40 gigs. :( I do have an external drive at 100 gigs which I absolutely love though ~

  2. Well, this explains your long absence. I've missed you...but see you have made up for taime missed! YEAHHH


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