topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The year is drawing to a close. It's been an odd year, a little disappointing, a little annoying, but it has been stable. And stable is what I needed. It's been the year of Signs From Above that never panned out, or were outright WRONG. (Yes I'm a bit peeved about that)

I think I need a new Spirit Guide. I'm convinced that mine took off with my muse. But I digress.

While the year was less fruitful in many ways than I thought it would be, there is still so much to be thankful for (in no particular order):

*My daughter's health
*My health
*Stable home
*Good job
*I am able to properly care for my daughter
*I am not in jail
*I am not on drugs
*I am not in the hospital
*Peaceful home
*Amazing friends
*Creative tendencies (although currently in a lag)
*Positive future outlook

I have kept a pink candle burning all year, since the first day of 2007. I'll continue that, but I'm switching to a white candle.

Same as last year, I don't set resolutions. I intend. And 2008 is the end of my "vacation" and the start of the initial stages of preparing to leave NYC. In the immediate action that means saving money, which I have not been doing at all this year. Today I chose my destination (which I'm not mentioning here yet) and I can now let the energy start building. There is still time, but now is the time to begin focusing.

So far, quite a few of the things that ***** mentioned have come to pass. There is still time for the rest that have not, so that's good. But I am making my own path, doing what I need to do for my child and myself. And we need a life upgrade.

Life is such a strange thing, and it's passing all the time, coming closer and closer to its end. The power to change is the power to grow and experience.


  1. Peace and nature. I don´t need any more.
    I´m waiting your dreams are really the next year.
    Happy new year stapeliad

  2. happy new year jessica. i am typing with one hand holding my doggie in the other arm...i have a houseful of company and adult kids friends are over and little doggie in seeking shelter in my arms! anyway just wanted to say if you want something and start your planning, it will happen! did you read The Secret? it holds the answers! best wishes with you plans for your upcoming exciting life!

  3. Happy New Year, J, and all the very best with your life upgrade. I've spent very little time online since the 23rd with heaps of stuff going on here but I hope you and Daya had a wonderful Christmas also. (((Hugs)))

  4. Hope your first day of 2008 is wonderful for you and Daya!!!


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