topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stuff # 2

Last weekend I went shopping. Anyone with a little kid (or kids) knows how crappy it is to go shopping with them in tow.

I had mine in tow.

The boogerish behaviour of the mentioned child knocked me just a little off-kilter and I left my wallet at Sears. I discovered that the weight in my pocket that I assumed was my wallet was a sippy cup. At the checkout in the grocery store. With a line behind me. Oh shit.

Of course your life flashes before you when your wallet is missing. Luckily (thank you to everyone who answered my prayer!*) I got my wallet- according to the girl at the Sears checkout, the woman behind me turned it in. They gave it to the guys in the office. Nothing was stolen.

On Thursday I got a call from American Express...someone tried to put a charge through on my corporate Amex for over $7,000!! The vendor? Sears Online. I think one of the guys in the office there copied my card...and what else did they copy??? I'm on alert.

*I have a special Sign from the Universe that is basically a "You are taken care of all is well you aren't alone" kind of thing. For many years I have experienced it, always when I simply need it, or if I ask for an answer to something. It's highly unique and obvious but I'll never tell anyone what it is. My Sign came when I was waiting in the checkout line, right before I discovered the missing wallet. So I guess someone was watching out after all. Thanks!

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  1. OMG!!! I'm so glad your wallet was recovered! I believe in signs too ~


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