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topiary cats

Friday, October 12, 2007

Outsourced Call Centers

Am slightly behind on blogging over the past few days. Sorry. Sorry Janeen, I haven't gotten to your tag yet either.

Right now this very immediate second I want to talk about outsourced call centers to India. And what I would like to say about them is that I DO NOT LIKE THEM. It's got nothing to do with the people who answer the phones, or India herself, but every. single. time. I am routed to India they are very polite but generally clueless. I have zero confidence in them, and unfortunately I'm proven correct time and time again.

My very favorite outsourced call center experience was when I booked airline tickets, and after carefully explaining and re-confirming all the minute details of a three day trip, my return ticket was booked two months later than my requested return date. I found this out at the check-in counter when I went home. My name was also spelled wrong. It took them two different attempts to get it right.

My second favorite outsourced call center experience was when the bank ran a check I wrote through the system for the wrong amount. I called to request a refund/adjustment. After carefully explaining the situation in the clearest terms I could think of (and I am a trainer by profession; I know how to present material) the extremely polite person on the other end thought it was a deposit that was incorrect.

Just now I called asking about a suspicious bank fee, and the overly-polite person on the other end started reading (yes, reading) to me a blurb about average minimum balance, which I know for a fact does not apply to this situation. Tomorrow morning I'll go to the branch.

Ok, so outsourcing to India is cheaper, but at the cost of people who understand what is going on and can actually service customers?

End of rant.


  1. Interesting. I don't know if I have ever been would I know??? It is sad when customer service sinks too damn low...

  2. It's the same sort of thing here with some companies and their call centres. It can be very frustrating. :(


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