topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh! Stinks!

Daya's in the beginning phases of being ready to be potty trained, I think. She tells me when she's pooped ("OH!! *STINKS*!! POOOOOOOPY!"). Actually, every time I change her diaper she has to sniff it and inform me "OH!! STINKS!!" I'm trying to teach her "pee", since everything is still poopy.

But while "OH!! STINKS!!" is actually very cute and endearing, she has now discovered something less cute and endearing. Now, for three mornings in a row, when I take her diaper off she pees on the floor.

This morning I told her to wait while I cleaned up (which she did!). Then I got her dressed and she was playing with her books. After I did her hair, I got her attention, pointed to the floor where she had peed, and said "No Pee Floor." I did not expect her to immediately burst into tears and lay face down on the floor. She was really upset, which made me feel bad. But maybe it will stop this little habit....

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