topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, October 05, 2007

Macrobiotic Fried Cheese

Yolanda was very upset with me over my loving mention of fried cheese a few posts ago. She has a point. Actually, if everyone was as wonderful and conscious about eating healthy like Yolanda is, we'd all look like her and she's gorgeous. So what she says really does matter. I should listen to her where food is concerned.

I would hereby like to say that fried cheese is probably not the healthiest thing one could willingly consume, but it's saving grace is that it's really, really yummy.

So I would hereby like to present to Yolanda an apology covered with this fall's harvest of fresh fruit topped with raw honey and homemade granola. Hmmm... that sounds really good. (and fruit and cheese go well together!)

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  1. LOL...your fresh fruit with honey and granola sounds wonderful!!!!


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