topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mostly 30

Next week I’ll be 30. Over the past four months or so, I’ve been going through a strange sort of major life review. And I’ve been in a down cycle for about a month now, which is extremely crappy. I can’t even paint- last weekend I started a quick oil, but I just couldn’t get into it.

So, 30. For my 30th birthday I had a very good astrologer read my chart for the next year. Actually the reading was extremely insightful and almost all of the aspects she mentioned from my natal chart were dead-on accurate. It also gave me deep insight into a very bad problem which has been plaguing me for my whole entire life, so hopefully now that I have a bit more clarity I can learn to deal with it a little better.


  1. OK now...I just turned are a young chick!!!!!
    Love ya...Julie

  2. I remember that I got very depressed when 30 came around for me. I felt like I was over the hill. lol It's funny because every birthday after that didn't bother me at all.

    I'm glad that the Astrology chart gave you some insight into a problem you've had. For some reason, Astrology charts are always way off the mark for me. I find the Chinese astrology more accurate though.


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