topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 06, 2007

September Mini-Series

I cordially invite you to join me for a special September mini-series.

The drama!
The excitement!!
The suspense!!!

What could possibly be so riveting, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. My Stapelia Gigantea has buds! I really am excited. Because I am a geek. (Note to bud: Please don't shrivel and die. Love and kisses, J)

These flowers are about the size of a dinner plate, and before they open they turn into really cool pods. They're hairy and striped and...

...Then they open and stink up the whole room. Powerfully foul flowers. If I remember correctly they take about a month to grow and open.

So here we go. The Plant:

See the bud? Here's a close-up:


  1. OH MY GOD...this is exciting!!! I must be a super geek!!! A 50 year old one!!! LOL. Seriously though, it is exciting and I cannot wait for more pics! How long have you had that giant baby???

  2. Congratulations, J!!! I'm a bit of a cacti and succulent geek too! I particularly love the Euphorbia family. Thanks for letting us share in your excitement on the upcoming event. I did a bit of research and the flowers are often called 'carrion flowers' due to their smell. I can't wait to see the different stages to the flower opening. FANTASTIC!!


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