topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Some Ramblings

This evening on the walk to Breck's studio I wondered whether people might value each other more if there weren't so damn many of us everywhere. That statement is obviously biased towards NYC, or any large city or crowd for that matter. Lately I've been thinking about basic hospitality in different cultures. Community ties between people. Goodwill.

In all of the old fairy tales I've been reading lately, people often wish each other well as a matter of course, give lodging and food to strangers on the road, and overall seem simpler to each other. I like the language of the old tales. These things had to have originated in the culture of the time. For example, in Old Norse culture hospitality was one of their most noble virtues. If someone landed on your doorstep in winter they'd be with you ALL winter, as a matter of accepted course. In return they would leave valuable gifts with the host.

More and more I am growing tired in the city. In some ways it's good that I'm here because I can see a contrast of what is and what I do not want to be. I strive for a peaceful, quiet life- at a much slower pace than what is around me. While I do crave community- true community- I also don't want to have to be obligated to fit into a group collective. It's a strange and lonely place to be. I want my environment, the energy soup I walk around in, to match what I strive for internally.

I don't know where I am going. The other night before I went to sleep I asked for a dream pointing me to a good place to move. I dreamed of Phoenix AZ, and I kid you not, in my dream I thought, "Well, at least it would be easy to grow stapeliads there," Then I looked up Phoenix, knowing nothing about it, and it so completely does NOT resonate with the kind of place I want to go to. What's up, universe?

So I'm drifting. Drifting through a desert period, it seems. Waiting for the changes that I know must inevitably come in their own time.

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  1. I am hearing you...I have had many thoughts of moving to a quieter paced I just say I will make my quiet spot where I am.
    Too bad Arizona didn't seem right for you...are you sure? I just adore it so much!!! LOL. Hope you can find your new quiet space though!


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