topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Loving Evil

CNN has a photo on their front page of one of the unidentified girls in that sex tape. She looks like she's 6 or 7 years old. Her face, the eyes. I can't look at it.

In all the fantasy stories and fairy tales evil is blatant and always looks a certain way; easily recognizeable. It appears as ugly and scary as it is. Those people that do things to little children, they look normal in the street more often than not. We do not fear them in the street as they walk by. Our society is full of pretty things that are evil.

Spiritually speaking we are supposed to love those who cause horrible pain to us and others. Even the child molesters. A tough lesson. That's the secret to not being poisoned. Feeling angry, hating, participating in any way just spreads the sickness, the evil- it goes right into your heart and makes you sick. But still, looking at that child's face, knowing where she was at the time and what she was going through, makes me want to throw up. I am far more susceptible to sadness than anger.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Some Ramblings

This evening on the walk to Breck's studio I wondered whether people might value each other more if there weren't so damn many of us everywhere. That statement is obviously biased towards NYC, or any large city or crowd for that matter. Lately I've been thinking about basic hospitality in different cultures. Community ties between people. Goodwill.

In all of the old fairy tales I've been reading lately, people often wish each other well as a matter of course, give lodging and food to strangers on the road, and overall seem simpler to each other. I like the language of the old tales. These things had to have originated in the culture of the time. For example, in Old Norse culture hospitality was one of their most noble virtues. If someone landed on your doorstep in winter they'd be with you ALL winter, as a matter of accepted course. In return they would leave valuable gifts with the host.

More and more I am growing tired in the city. In some ways it's good that I'm here because I can see a contrast of what is and what I do not want to be. I strive for a peaceful, quiet life- at a much slower pace than what is around me. While I do crave community- true community- I also don't want to have to be obligated to fit into a group collective. It's a strange and lonely place to be. I want my environment, the energy soup I walk around in, to match what I strive for internally.

I don't know where I am going. The other night before I went to sleep I asked for a dream pointing me to a good place to move. I dreamed of Phoenix AZ, and I kid you not, in my dream I thought, "Well, at least it would be easy to grow stapeliads there," Then I looked up Phoenix, knowing nothing about it, and it so completely does NOT resonate with the kind of place I want to go to. What's up, universe?

So I'm drifting. Drifting through a desert period, it seems. Waiting for the changes that I know must inevitably come in their own time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Morning

Early this morning I had a dream that my cat died. Which made me really really really sad. But then in the dream she came back to life. That was much better but I still felt sad.

Then Daya woke me up a little before 6:30 because her crib was all wet, and it wasn't from the sippy cup. Totally my fault, because I didn't put her shorts on over her diaper and she took it off. I know she takes her diaper off, and I have absolutely no good reason for not putting on her shorts. *sighs* her sheets were just changed, too.

Tonight is Friday night. I think I will go home and fry some cheese and have a glass of wine. Oh, is today the equinox or did that happen already? Or is it tomorrow? Well, it's soon. Happy Mabon. Say a thank-you prayer and go fry some cheese.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Bus From Boca Chica

The trip was favorite part was leaving the resort with the girls from the gift shop and going to the barrio in Boca Chica. Apparently people here think I'm crazy for doing that but I intuitively knew it was safe, and I did ask for a sign that all was well. So no worries there. Maybe I am a bit loca, who knows.

Enjoy the bus ride from Boca Chica to Juan Dolio. Turn your sound on for the music.


The Bus From Boca Chica from flavopurpurea on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

La Playa y El Mar

I came back from the Dominican Republic yesterday late afternoon and I actually went to work today. My brain shut down at about 2pm and...oh, I'm here blogging.

What, you didn't know I left? Sorry, forgot to mention it! I was gone for 5 days.

While the videos are uploading here are some pictures because I'm too tired and incoherent to write anything much.

Quickie Summary:

*Questionable food translations
*Three marriage proposals
*1 crab on the porch
*Crashed another resort
*Spent 1 night with the locals in the barrio
*Learned that roosters crow all night
*We are so goddamned fortunate here
*beautiful people and hospitality
*the bus in DR is very different from NYC buses!
*awesome food
*awesome beach
*I didn't get sick at all!

More later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ok, so I have a creepy situation here.

Two nights ago I decided, after a few months of hiatus, to resume my nightly gratitude meditation which consists of a simple chant.

I use my mala beads to time the meditation. The first night, at just about the halfway point in the meditation, my clock radio went off loudly for just a second. Except that it wasn't set or even turned on.

Last night THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. At the exact same point in the meditation.

It scared me.

Tonight I'm going to try again and see if it happens. I'm a little creeped out. It just seems so...deliberate. And I have no idea why, but it's too obvious to be a random thing.

Mini-series Finale

I would like to stress the Mini part of mini-series. And I did, after all, promise drama.

Um, I thought this didn't look too good, and I was right. No more bud. Sad.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

September Mini-Series

I cordially invite you to join me for a special September mini-series.

The drama!
The excitement!!
The suspense!!!

What could possibly be so riveting, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. My Stapelia Gigantea has buds! I really am excited. Because I am a geek. (Note to bud: Please don't shrivel and die. Love and kisses, J)

These flowers are about the size of a dinner plate, and before they open they turn into really cool pods. They're hairy and striped and...

...Then they open and stink up the whole room. Powerfully foul flowers. If I remember correctly they take about a month to grow and open.

So here we go. The Plant:

See the bud? Here's a close-up: