topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pigeon Risk: A Success

There are five days left of Pigeon Risk Time (PRT) and it worked, but not the way I thought it would. See, the Bad August Things all still happened, but PRT buffered the effects in such a way that I remained relatively unaffected.

For example:

* I previously mentioned that I wasn't getting child support anymore. For 2 months- July and August. The strange thing is that the checks were sent, I just never got them. They both mysteriously appeared in my bookshelf earlier this week. So I missed 2 checks coming in at separate times in the mail (and they're easily recognizable; I never miss them), AND both were on the bottom shelf of my bookcase, which I am constantly cleaning because Daya always unpacks it. Very strange.

*The Washington Mutual ATM ate my debit card. My bank decided to issue no less than three replacement cards with the wrong name on them. I changed my name three years ago and have since replaced the card with nary a problem. After 2 attempts at the branch and one mailed card, they finally got it right on the exact day I *really* needed the card.

*The building super told me I had no account for gas with Keyspan. I thought I had been paying the gas with the electric through ConEdison, like I have been doing for years. Had PRT not been in effect, I probably would have owed them almost $100, but as it stands the account is fine and I don't owe them anything, I'll just pay going forward.

*And this latest...just tonight...I thought I had lost all of my photos of Daya for all of 2007. Seriously, I wanted to throw up I was so upset. They were all just gone, nowhere to be found. If you ever set up a new profile and mess with the permissions, and then discover some of your files are completely gone even though the folders are there, reset your permissions for full access for ALL profiles and your files will come back. My heart is still recovering from that.

And here's a picture just because.

Needles in Haystacks

It seems that I have an ability to find needles in haystacks. It's kind of cool, actually. Years ago when I worked on the trade dispute desk for (X brokerage firm) I had to call the order room constantly. They put me on hold a lot. As hokey as this sounds, there was a lovely oboe piece I grew fond of, possibly because it's a nice piece, possibly because I heard it so much.

It took me about 4 years of on and off searching, but I did eventually find it. Herr Mozart, of course. No wonder I liked it.

This summer brought me another challenge. When I was 7 or 8, I had a book containing a few fairly tales of which I was very fond. It was beautifully illustrated. When we moved, my mother (who never throws anything out) got rid of the book. Now I cannot remember why, but a few weeks ago I decided to search for this book. I did not know the title, author, anything about it really, except for a vague recollection of what it looks like and some details of a story or two.

And I found it. This is very exciting. It will arrive from the UK in a week or so.

Magic Everywhere by Miriam Huber

Ratfest 2007

I used to keep pet rats. I miss them. Six years ago, I teamed up with another rat owner in the region and together we started the NorthEast Ratfest, where a bunch of rat people gather for the weekend and have a lot of fun. The last 2 years I missed ratfest, but I co-hosted again this year and as always we had a blast. I did portraits this year and managed to cover te costs of the trip. Seeing everyone again was so wonderful. Spending a weekend with wacky people you've known for a long time and love a lot is always a blessing.

I call this Rat Butt Font:

Here I am doing portraits:

And here is the cake I made:

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Apparently, I'm nice.

If you don't believe me just ask Serena. I didn't even have to bribe her or anything.

Thanks Serena!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Pigeon Risk!

I must say, PRT has gotten off to a FINE start.