topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Third Time

I've sort of had this sense lately that I've bunked my life up.

I always wondered why I seem to attract and gravitate towards the Spiritually Weird, and maybe there is a point to it, or purpose, but I'm not so sure anymore. I'm thinking it is more because of bad decisions, and the ways things seem to link in progression are just because of making the same bad decisions.

My life has been lived in separate chapters, one ends and another begins. Very clear-cut. I'm now in the third stage of my adult life after college. Now I am starting out on another leg of my spiritual quest, to discover whatever it is that I need to discover, learn, and do for the times that approach, what I've known about since...I don't even know since when. In this lifetime I am very much a Student. My attempts to learn have always turned out to be dark and scary and demonic...but I learned a lot and came out ok in the end (I think...), so I think maybe this time I'll be ok too, whatever happens. Third time's a charm, maybe?

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  1. Just hold on to positive thoughts and I'm sure the third stage will be a charm. Like you, I'm kinda at a crossroads with my own life right now, particularly with our upcoming move to who knows where at this stage. It's kinda scary but I'm trying to stay positive.


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