topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuning In

It's now the third day after my conference in Las Vegas. I'll write about it in bits and pieces. I'm feeling a difference- more in touch, less cloudy. I'm still having some sort of issue with my heart chakra, but I suppose that'll resolve itself in due time as well.

Anyhow. It seems I have finally gotten to the source of my agitation at work. I've absorbed too much of someone else's tension. My very nice co-worker who sits directly next to me, facing me. I dislike the setup at work; it's too open and close-quarters for my comfort. But I've been wondering why I've been so irritable, especially towards a certain person, when they've done nothing wrong and certainly don't deserve such a response from me. They do face me, and they do throw a lot of energy (unknowingly). They are tense often, very full of mental activity, and they project it. Unfortunately, my placement puts me directly in the line of fire.

On Monday, thankfully, I was able to work in isolation- a good thing because I was still so open from the weekend. I did some cleansing, and actually shielded for the first time in years. It worked tremendously. I felt the difference today, when I had to be at my desk all day.

On a totally different note, my home needs more light. I'm getting the message loud and clear to fix it, and how. My apartment, while a nice space, does not have good light or air flow. I'm working on it.

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